JUNE 21- 22

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MUNICH, Germany

MARCH 22-23

the london textile fair

london, uk


AUGUST 30-31

BLUEZONE by Munich Fabric Start

MUNICH, Germany

JULY 12 -13 -14



JULY 5-6-7

Première Vision

Villepinte, France

MARCH 30-31


Paris, France

Our expertise

Between heritage and innovation.

Heritage and innovation

A history in constant evolution

Two centuries of history trace the successes and failures of Velcorex’s past. Today, bolstered by this rich narrative, Velcorex is positioned as the European leader in velvet and corduroy.

The dyeing innovations we have achieved and continue to develop have left a permanent mark on the cultural textile landscape. Structurally, since the establishment of the “Société Anonyme des Industriels du Coton”, Velcorex has been in constant evolution, notably through the use of elastane and regenerated fibres. Today, more than ever, we are convinced of the importance of development and innovation, and we are fully committed to providing sustainable and ecological solutions for a more optimistic future.

A colourful world

Enlivening with dye

Notre secret réside en notre grande capacité à teindre

Our secret lies in our ability to create fascinating depths of tone on any medium. Intense colours saturated in the very heart of each fibre gives the fabric a visual generosity.

Our unique expertise is one of our vital strengths. The faded effects we apply produce an elegant gradient of dye to the fabric, highlighting the seams.

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French savoir-faire for almost 200 years