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Our History

An irreplaceable savoir-faire and an enduring mastery of textile production.

A unique savoir-faire

Exceptional mastery and world-renowned quality

Velcorex is the last French velvet and corduroy factory still in operation and is proud of its position as the European leader. For nearly 200 years, its passion for quality fabrics, innovation, and the transmission of traditional methods have given its fabrics their unique handfeel and character.

Dyeing gives our fabrics a luminous quality and a relaxed look through faded effects, while printing enables an array of pattern possibilities and infinite creations.

The unique attributes of corduroys are well known throughout the world. Each step of our manufacturing process highlights the technical particularities of this meticulous industrial process.

And our sportswear collection explores a generous palette of weaves that accompany each season is with corresponding textures, whether dry, soft, velvety, or supple. Velcorex is committed to bringing comfort, elasticity, fluidity, and rigidity to its products.

Each stage of production is subject to quality and conformity control, carried out by our integrated laboratories and by all of our workshop technicians, from cutting to finishing stages. 

This enduring and evolving art is what makes Velcorex fabrics essential, durable, and versatile textiles.



The Société Anonyme d'Industrie Cotonnière (SAIC) is founded in Mulhouse with the aim of dedicating itself to cotton trading and spinning.

Velvet finishing


The company evolves towards weaving and finishing of fabrics, in particular velvet.

Creation of the velcorex brand


Despite the economic crisis, the SAIC experiences significant growth by developing the sportswear market and creating the Velcorex brand, which is added as part of the company's name soon thereafter, becoming SAIC-Velcorex.

Stretch fabrics


Always on top of current trends, SAIC-Velcorex develops an expertise in fashionable stretch fabrics, and introduces its first line of fabrics for women’s clothing.

Dyeing and finishing of fabrics in the United States


With its industrial savoir-faire, SAIC-Velcorex is able to set up its fabric production near its customers' major garment manufacturing areas. After ten years of growth in the U.S. market, the company opens a fabric dyeing and finishing plant in Orangeburg, South Carolina, to better serve its American customers.

A new Sportswear


SAIC-Velcorex launches a new sportswear fabric with its “Evolutive Jeans” line.

New Velvet fabrics


Launch of “Streaky” velvets, which represent a new and unique specialisation in the velvet world. The process used to create “Streaky” velvets is exclusive to SAIC-Velcorex and patent protected.

Industrial partnership


In order to be as reactive as possible to market evolutions and to be closer to the main zones of garment business activity, SAIC-Velcorex sets up an industrial partnership in Asia. This production platform will progressively take over the American site of Orangebourg.

The “Time age” fabric range


SAIC-Velcorex relies on the expertise of its French dyeing plant to develop a new process that modernises the faded look of its fabrics for vintage effects.

Organic cotton fabric by Velcorex


Constantly striving to limit impact of its production, SAIC-Velcorex launches a line of authentic, high-quality cotton fabrics made with organically grown fibres.

Denim velours


SAIC-Velcorex presents its new denim-effect velvet collection at the expo Denim by Première Vision.

A new name


Taken over by the company Pierre Schmitt, SAIC-Velcorex changes its name to Velcorex Since 1828.

An evolving partnership


The new company Velcorex Since 1828 creates a partnership with Philéa Textiles, specialist in creative fabrics for women, and launches a new range of fluid velvets in innovative material blends.

The Dual Fit


Velcorex launches a new collection, Dual Fit by Velcorex, with a stretchier and better performing fabric for a comfortable garment with a long-lasting elasticity.

R(e)N Program


Velcorex Since 1928 launches the 2025 R(e)N programme and commits to an ecological, sustainable, and ethical process. By 2025, Velcorex plans to expand its commitment to nature, using only organically grown cotton, recycling and reusing all its textile waste, offering its customers the maximum level of traceability on its products, and taking steps to reduce its CO2 emissions.

The relaunch of a spinning mill in France


Velcorex Since 1828 begins the process of reclaiming a savoir-faire that has gradually disappeared in France and commits to re-localising the bast fibre sector. In 2020, the company reassembles the first flax spinning mill in France, guaranteeing a supply of linen that is 100% French, from seed to finished product.

Made in France

Nestled in Alsace, at the foot of the Vosges Regional Park

Surrounded by forests, Velcorex takes inspiration from the peaceful setting of the production site, contributing to its fabrics’ unique softness and colour. It is in this privileged locale that Velcorex and its 90 employees continue to grow and develop, driven by core values of collaboration and expertise that make it the flagship of European textile production.

A company committed and concerned about its impact on the environment

French savoir-faire for almost 200 years