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The cotton

Natural, soft, pleasant, breathable, and durable.

The cotton

One material, multiple uses

Cotton is a plant fibre, naturally soft, flexible, and moisture-wicking. It is one of the most widely used natural materials in the clothing industry.

We work with cotton in many different ways and for all seasons.

For the summer, in gabardines and in light fabrics, but also mixed in with linen, cotton gives our fabrics incomparable thermoregulatory properties. Combined with Tencel® it becomes more supple and fluid.

In the winter, cotton is transformed into velvet and corduroy, warm, soft, and comfortable, as well as in sportswear, available in herringbone and various weaves. These cotton fabrics are woven in with regenerated fibres that provide elasticity and comfort.

A recyclable and resistant natural fibre

Since its creation in 1828, Velcorex has worked with cotton. This natural fibre is part of the company’s DNA.

Cotton comes from the flower of the cotton plant, which grows in tropical and subtropical regions. The length and structure of its fibres make it ideal for spinning into strong threads, which are in turn woven into fabric.

As partners in the Better Cotton Initiative, the cotton we work with is either sourced from organic farming, from COTTON USATM productions, or BCI certified, ensuring that its production is ethical, sustainable, traceable, and respectful of human rights.

The advantages of cotton

A biodegradable and recyclable plant fibre

Like all natural plant fibres, cotton is 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable when not mixed with synthetic fibres.

A naturally soft material

The cotton fibre is round and fine, properties that give it softness and versatility.

A breathable performance

Le coton a le pouvoir d’être à la fois une matière très absorbante, mais également respirante. Elle régule le taux d’humidité du corps et laisse respirer la peau.

French savoir-faire for almost 200 years