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MUNICH, Germany

11 - 12 january

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Our velvet and corduroy

Velvet and Corduroy: a unique savoir-faire, cultivated with passion for generations.

Our velvet and corduroy

Our core business

Renowned for its softness and warmth, velvet and corduroy exist in many forms and in different compositions.

Whether rigid or elastic, flowing, shiny or matte, our velvets and corduroys are of unparalleled quality. Our expertise in velvet and corduroy manufacturing enables us to innovate constantly to develop the best designs and the most precise cutting techniques in order to excel in the manufacturing of these high-quality and delicate fabrics.

A complete knowledge of velvet

We have mastered the velvet and corduroy manufacturing chain from yarn to finished product. The process takes shape through complex and technical weaving, which requires rigor and attention in the choice of materials and the placement of threads.

Cutting phase is another crucial step for shaping the fabric, and the artisans in our workshops cut these velvet and corduroy with a meticulous dexterity. This expertise, along with the creativity of our designers, allows us to develop a wide range of variations by making alternating ribs, or wales, or adapting the wale width.

The dyeing of velvet and corduroy requires a specific expertise, and the methodology used in our workshops allows us to create an exceptional finished fabric.

Our different velvets and corduroy

Wide wale

Wide wale

A corduroy known as “Elephant cord” is made of 1.5-6 wales per inch; the wales are therefore very wide and round. We also call them cordelet, or velours câblé.

Medium wale

Medium wale

When corduroy has between 7-13 wales per inch it has medium-width ribs.

Fine wale

Fine wale

Fine wale corduroy has between 14-21 wales per inch. 21-wale corduroy is also called “babycord”.



When the wale of the corduroy is not visible, it is called velvet, or ribless. The wale is so thin that it disappears after brushing.

Puebla & Streaky

Puebla & Streaky

Puebla and Streaky cuts are ways of making more elaborate velvets with alternating wales. Thanks to our expertise in corduroy cutting, we have been able to preserve and improve upon this unique technique.

Seersucker corduroy

Seersucker corduroy

Starting from the weaving stage, Seersucker corduroy is made to crinkle after the first wash. Unwashed, it stays flat and uniform.

French savoir-faire for almost 200 years